Using Snapchat for Business


Deb Evans and Jack Monson are joined by Sarah Shah, Image Expert, Author, and Speaker Sarah Shah, assists professionals, entrepreneurs, and emerging leaders be seen authentically and judged accurately in real life, on stage, on TV, online and in traditional and social media. She cuts through ordinary fashion and “dress for success” advice and teaches them how to wear the clothes they love it in a way that is flattering, practical and expresses who they are.

While working in corporate boardrooms, chemical plants, restaurants, research laboratories, and fashion shows, Sarah noticed how differently people are perceived and treated depending on the image they present. Instead of resisting that reality, Sarah learned to “speak” the language of fashion and translate it into successful images. Sarah uses this knowledge and experience to help women and men create images that communicate their authentic message and manage the reality of image and judgement.

Sarah began using her blog and social media to provide resources for her image and media clients, share her TV appearances and highlight her services. Her following is smaller but very engaged.

Overtime, her social media took on a life of its own and brands recognized her as an influencer. Sarah has appeared on TV more than 90 times, has over 100,000 views on YouTube and a Klout Score of 65+.

The use of social media plays a big role in Sarah’s business and shares how Snapchat can be implemented for business owners.

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