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Franchise Rock Stars

Join our regular panel of Rock Stars from the world of Marketing, Franchising, Podcasting, and Entrepreneurship for compelling conversations, trending topics, and special guests!

Ali Kraus is the Vice President of Marketing at Benetrends Financial, an active member of the IFA’s Women’s Franchise Committee, and a firm believer in personal branding. She adds a fun twist to franchising events with her TikToks, infusing authenticity, energy, and passion into everything she does.

Derrick Ableman is the Marketing Manager at Northeast Color. With a background in publishing, journalism, and fashion, Derrick brings a unique perspective to a company dedicated to helping franchisors  maintain a consistent brand experience.

Kristen Pechacek is the Chief Executive Officer at MassageLuxe where she is responsible for consumer marketing and franchise growth. She was recently named as one the Top 50 Game-Changing CMOs in 2023 by Entrepreneur Magazine, Top 50 Era Defining Women to Watch in 2023 by Global Franchise, and was an adjunct professor of marketing at University of Wisconsin River Falls.

Liz Solar is a Voice Actor and Producer at Liz Solar Media. Creator and host of the Embark podcast, Liz recently found another venue to display her natural curiosity and listening skills: in the classroom, pursuing her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling. Liz established and contributes to the writer’s blog Acts of Revision.

Scott Greenberg is a speaker, author, and consultant who helps franchisees grow their business. He’s the author of the book The Wealthy Franchisee and the upcoming new book,  Stop the Shift Show: Turn Your Struggling Hourly Workers Into a Top-Performing Team.