The DNA of a Franchisee with Angela Cote

The DNA of a Franchisee with Angela Cote

Angela Coté returns to discuss the qualities and skills that make up a great franchisee.

Angela’s “DNA of a Franchisee” is a compelling list that all small business owners, franchise brands, and industry pros should check out.


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5 Responses

  1. Great list Angela Cote. Especially like the point regarding franchisee having just the right amount of eentrepreneurialism. The same holds true of the leadership skills of franchisee – too much in an early franchise system can cause problems and franchisee-franchisor power struggles. Too little creates codependency rather than franchisee-franchisor interdependency. Excellent interview Jack Monson.!

    1. Thanks very much Rebecca – Angela opened my eyes to the nuances involved in the just the right amount of certain skills needed. It’s certainly not all or nothing.

    2. Thanks Rebecca! This content right up your alley, so it’s great to hear your feedback. Agree re: leadership – I’ve seen it swing too much either way and that is never good 🙂

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