Franchise Marketing with Ted Rubin and John Andrews

Franchise Marketing with Ted Rubin and John Andrews

Ted Rubin and John Andrews of Photofy return to share ideas on how retail and franchise marketers can rise above the noise – and expense – of so many ads this election season and beyond.

The key is empowering franchisees, employees, and communities to share your messages and become a part of the creative process.  We’ll dive into brands like Domino’s and FedEx and get a great Ted Rubin Rant!!


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Plus, we have a Franchise Economic Update from Tom Epstein and a Health & Safety Spotlight on JAN-PRO and Gary Bauer.

Thanks to Social Joey, Franchise Payments Network, POLN8, and Northeast Color.


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  1. Appreciate the insight and sharing perspectives from other areas of the country and love the delivery of Ted’s “gobbledygook-gah!” corporate speak comment about FedEx.

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