Take Control Of Your Online Review


Griff Emery, Founder/President of Shout About Us joined Deb Evans, President Deb Evans Consulting, LLC and Jack Monson, Global Director Manalto Software.

For today’s consumer, their local business search process is completed online, and their purchases are significantly influenced by online review sites. To compete in a local market, you must engage your customers online.

Griff shares why monitoring and managing reviews are important and what role they play with Google.


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Guest Announcer

Ciara Stockeland, Founder MODE®. Through an opportunity to liquidate a truckload of designer overstock, Ciara and her husband Jim created the MODE brand. Always intending to build a brand, they found the franchising was the best way to grow the MODE brand and bring it into communities throughout the Midwest.  Ciara Stockeland

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