Stay Effing Positive: Trauma at Work

Stay Effing Positive: Trauma at Work

Ingrid Schneider and Brett Larimer dive deep into the topic of trauma in the workplace with Amanda Purvis, a trauma expert from Texas Christian University – KPICD.

They explore how trauma affects our brains and bodies, how to support employees who have experienced trauma, and most importantly, how to do our own work as leaders to create a safe and supportive workplace. Amanda shares her expertise on the impact of trauma on employee well-being and offers practical advice on how to help employees cope and heal.

They also discuss how leaders can examine their own biases and experiences to become better equipped to handle difficult situations and support their teams. Whether you’re a manager, an employee, or just someone who cares about creating a more empathetic and inclusive workplace, this episode is a must-listen. Stream or download now to learn how to navigate trauma with empathy, understanding, and positivity.

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  1. This is a great conversation exploring the realities of trauma in the workplace and ways to manage them with wonderful advice and insight. Thank you for doing this podcast!

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