Social Media Lessons for Nonprofits

Our Guest

Dawn Whalen, Executive Director at Habitat for Humanity of Northwest Connecticut wears many hats. Resource development, management of daily operations, staff, and operational committees,
developing community partnerships and manage existing alliances.
Dawn also manages publication of affiliate newsletter, public website, and other media.

We are so pleased she agreed to share some of her own “lessons learned” on using social media as a nonprofit.

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2 Responses

  1. Social Geek Radio is a tool that EVERY non-profit organization should know about and use to learn how they can maximize the opportunity to fulfill their mission through the use of social media! I am so grateful to Deb Evans and Jack Monson for inviting me to speak about Habitat for Humanity of Northwest Connecticut and how we are taking it to the next level with social media. Thank you!

  2. You were a great guest Dawn and we love what you and your organization are doing!

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