Social Geek Rock Stars: Imposter Syndrome

Social Geek Rock Stars: Imposter Syndrome

Do you ever have Imposter Syndrome? Yeah you do.

So does this week’s Rock Star panel: Ingrid Schneider of Stay in Your Lane, Amanda Dempsey of Saxton & Stump, and Northeast Color’s Derrick Ableman.

We’ll tackle these questions much more:

* Why do we look for things that disqualify us instead of relying on our strange and wonderful past experiences?

* Do the “content streams of our lives” feed into this?

* Can looking at the people around us empower us rather than deflate us?

* How can we transform this anxiety into something helpful?

Thanks to Hughes, AnswerConnect, and Serviceminder.

Plus we’ve got details on the BEST networking event of the entire year: #FLDC from Franchise Update Media.  See you in Atlanta!