Social Geek Radio Podcasts Live from #IFA2016

Franchise professionals from around the world traveled to San Antonio Texas to attend the 56th annual International Association Convention, #IFA2016. Hosts Deb Evans of Deb Evans Consulting, LLC and Jack Monson Global Director for Manalto, Inc also traveled to San Antonio!


Deb and Jack took advantage of the excitement of the trade show floor and set up a satellite Social Geek Radio podcast station and did a live broadcast from the Manalto, Inc booth. They were visited by Linda Shaub, CEO Interim HealthCare franchise located in Tampa Florida. Ann Littman and Chelsea Saunder, VPs of SafeWay Driving franchise in Houston Texas and first time IFA convention attendees stopped at the booth. They said their attendance to the Marketing and Technology Committee meeting earlier in the day “set the tone for a successful convention!”  Haley Connor and Jacqueline Deavenport with Pinot’s Palette franchise also located in Houston Texas took time from visiting exhibitors to record guest announcement spots that you will hear in a future podcast.

Guest Announcer

Clarissa Bradstock, CEO ANY LAB TEST NOW based in Atlanta Georgia. ANY LAB TEST NOW makes it easy for consumers and businesses alike to manage their health by providing direct access to clinical, DNA and toxicology testing services.  ANY LAB TEST NOW partners with many of the major, high-quality laboratories throughout the U.S. to provide affordable and comprehensive lab testing services directly.In today’s health care environment, it is more important than ever for you to be proactive and Take Control of Your Health®.

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