Small Business and Entreprenuership

MODE® was founded in 2007 by Ciara Stockeland and her husband Jim Stockeland. Through an opportunity to liquidate a truckload of designer overstock, Ciara and Jim created the MODE brand. Always intending to build a brand, they found the franchising was the best way to grow the MODE brand and bring it into communities throughout the Midwest. The first MODE franchise was located in Bismarck, ND.

Ciara recently testified before the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship and talks to Social Geek Radio hosts about the Coalition to Save Local Business.


Geek It Out

Deb shares the Gramblr app on the #GeekItOut segment. Gramblr is a desktop app that allows Instagram users to upload photos and videos without a mobile device. There are scheduling features as well as filters.

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  1. […] Ciara Stockeland recently joined Deb Evans and Jack Monson as a guest on Social Geek Radio where she discussed testifying before Congress on challenges for small businesses and her thoughts on where we’re going. Check out the full interview here: […]

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