Millennials, Franchising and Video

Social Geek Radio hosts Deb Evans (Deb Evans Consulting, LLC) and Jack Monson (Manalto, Inc.) were joined by Mike Ackley, Franchise Writer and Josh Harrell, Franchise Video Storyteller for Brand Journalists.

Brand Journalists is the premier franchise lead generation firm in the US. Since 2008, they have worked with over 50 franchise brands, creating breakthroughs in sales results, generating cost effective franchise campaigns and building some of the highest performing franchise recruitment websites in the industry.


Mike Ackley serves as franchise writer with Brand Journalists, where he and his colleagues bring the stories of their client brands to life. He’s passionate and curious about how franchise systems work and loves entrepreneurship.

Josh Harrell worked as a reporter and editor in the journalism world — both in college as the editor in chief of N.C. State University’s daily student newspaper, and out of college as a feature writer for the Fayetteville Observer — before diving into the world of documentary filmmaking.

Mike and Josh discuss how millennials are changing the landscape of franchising, and why it has been challenging for companies to connect with them.


Guest Announcer

Chelsea Sauder, VP SafeWay Driving franchise is Social Geek Radio’s guest announcer.  Leveraging 42 years of successful operation and the experience from training over 250,000 in-car drivers, SafeWay Driving has recently modernized the driver training business model and is looking for qualified Strategic-Partners to grow across Texas.

Geek It Out

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