McDonald's Social Media Strategy

McDonald's Social Media Strategy

Joining Jack Monson and Liane Caruso on today’s show is Elly Deutch Moody

Elly leads digital communications and social media strategy for McDonald’s Corporation worldwide. She gives us insight on using social channels to communicate globally for an iconic brand and shares news of McDonald’s new Women in Tech program.

About Elly:

As a leader in the digital, social, and mobile landscape, Elly Deutch Moody has provided her expertise to a diverse array of companies and brands – both large and small – on how to effectively create and execute fully integrated digital marketing strategies to drive business value. Over the last ten years in the digital space, Elly has created, executed, and managed social media communities for over 350 companies, athletes and brands. In her current role at McDonald’s, Elly creates and oversees the digital communication strategy for the Corporation, and is the lead content strategist for the McDonald’s Corporate Social Media channels.

Elly has spoken around the world at over 200+ conferences, summits, events and universities on her experience and knowledge of digital communications and social media marketing strategy.

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