Franchise Suppliers and Partners with Kristen Pechacek

Franchise Suppliers and Partners with Kristen Pechacek

Kristen Pechacek, Chief Growth Officer of MassageLuxe is back with some helpful advice and tips for supplier partners and franchisors working together. We’ll cover:

*How do you know when it’s time to outsource and find a partner?

*What do you look for when choosing the right partner?

*How can both client and partner strengthen the relationship?

*What’s the best way to find your next great client?

*And … why we HATE the term “vendor”!


If any suppliers are interested in joining the Franchise Lean-In Group with Alesia Visconti of FranServe and Jack Monson, please reach out to them via PM on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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  1. Made to order! Thank you Kristen and Jack for highlighting partner relationships. You have perfectly validated when it’s right to partner with a provider, the dos and don’ts to the approach. Stop cold calling!

    An excellent beginning to collaborate for me is addressing a need, building trust and assessing the right fit.

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