Generating Relationships with Karen Booze and Derrick Ableman

Generating Relationships with Karen Booze and Derrick Ableman

Is your goal generating leads or generating relationships?

Recorded live in Las Vegas at MUFC! Karen Booze of AnswerConnect and Derrick Ableman of Northeast Color join Social Geek host Jack Monson to discuss relationship-building.

Do you spend time, resources, and sponsorship dollars to generate leads at franchise events or in your other marketing efforts? Whether you’re an industry supplier or a franchise brand, flip the script and focus on generating relationships. Karen and Derrick share success stories of building long term relationships in franchising that benefit everyone involved by getting away from the transactional mind frame.



We also share details on a Lunch and Learn Webinar from The International Franchise Association that will expand this topic on May 3. Register today! It’s free for all IFA members. And we’ll give a shout out to Jesse Itlzer, possibly the best keynote speaker at any business conference ever, and the all-new FCXC event in June from IFA and Franchise Update!


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