How Radio Broadcasting Changed Due to Social Media

Matt Spence, Operations Director for WCEI Radio joins Deb Evans and Jack Monson to discuss how radio has changed due to social media.

For more than three decades, WCEI has been the leading provider of contemporary music, local news, weather, and traffic information to residents of the Mid-Shore and surrounding area. The station was founded in the 1970’s.


The Clark Broadcasting Company acquired the radio station in 1981. Ten years later, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) granted the station a license for a quadruple increase in power. The station is now a part of First Media Radio. Currently, WCEI has a broadcast signal that reaches Talbot, Queen Anne’s, Dorchester, Caroline, and Kent Counties in Maryland. The tower height was increased in 2006 after the FCC approved the addition.

Deb, Jack and Matt discuss how social media changed the footprint of radio broadcasting and what broadcasters need to do today to stay relevant in social media.



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