Franchise Spotlight: Susan Beth

Franchise Spotlight: Susan Beth

Susan Beth of NRD Capital returns to the podcast to share the latest on the 2019 IFA Emerging Franchisor Conference coming up in Nashville Nov 19 – 21!

We dig into the surprising similarities between singers and songwriters signing with a label in Music City, and business owners signing with a franchise brand. Plus:

> What size or traits of a brand makes the brand “emerging”?

> What about the re-emerging brands?

> And, will the Social Joey sponsor booth be inside the Hilton Nashville or actually up the street at the Johnny Cash Kitchen and Saloon?

You can reach Susan to learn more at


Thanks to Social JoeyIntrepid Direct InsuranceFranchise Dictionary Magazineand The International Franchise Association

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  1. This Canadian Franchise Finatic just discovered this event and funnily enough I will be in Nashville at that time! I’ll reach out to Susan and drop in at the Social Joey sponsor booth at Johnny Cash Kitchen for drinks! Fun!

    1. Looking forward to seeing you in Nashville, Denise! — Jack

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