Franchise News Podcast 8.17.2022

Franchise News Podcast 8.17.2022

The Franchise News Podcast with Jack Monson for August 17, 2022.


In the news this week:

Eric Lefebvre
Keith Guilbault
Rob McColgan
John Cywinski
Hagan Kappler
Kieran Scott
Mark King
David Bloom
Rodney Anderson
Joe Guith
James Walker
Felicia White
Jeff Milligan
Sharon Cupach
Eric Martin
Carrie Coumbs
Emily Franks
Shana Krisan
Chris Lombard
Jamie Medeiros
Dustin Thompson
Michael Arrowsmith
Nico Nieto
Jason Anderson
Craig Murray
Gigi Schweikert
Heidi Ganahl
Nicole Salla

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