Franchise News Podcast 5.18.2022

Franchise News Podcast 5.18.2022

The Franchise News Podcast with Jack Monson for May 18, 2022:



In the news this week:

Michael Layman
Kelly Roddy
Rocco Fiorentino
John Rotche
Erin Pash
Kyle Keller
Matthew Walls
J.J. Sorrenti
Paige Robinson
Stacy Eley
Chris Andrews
Kelli Valade
John Miller
Adam Herndon
Sascha Stokic
Jason Anderson
Jennifer Lemcke
Jimmy McFeeters
Emma Leaf
Brendan Berg
Lauren Turner
Taryn Kindley
Genevieve Coulson
Chad Sims
Mandy Rowe
Bob Crawford
Michael Hyam

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