Franchise News Podcast 4.21.2021

Franchise News Podcast 4.21.2021

The Franchise News Podcast for Wednesday, April 21, 2021:


In the news this week:

The PRO Act

Domino’s, Dennis Maloney


Scorpion, Daniel Street

Mikel Chertudi, Raj Ramanan, Azim Nagree

Duck Donuts, Russ DiGilio

Lapels Dry Cleaning

Martinizing Dry Cleaning

Assisted Living Locators, Angela Olea

Franchise Business Review, Michelle Rowan

FOCUS Brands, Guillermo Cremer, Joe Guith

Jack in the Box, Dustin Thompson

Zaxby’s, Brenda Trickey

Hilton, Colette, Baruth

Christian Brothers Automotive Corporation, Miss Wright

Tint World Automotive, Kelly Wruck

Streamline Brands, Ashely Mitchell

Blaze Pizza, Brad Reynolds

Little Caesars, Erin Martin

Eat The Frog Fitness

Zeeks Pizza

The Franchise Show,

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