Franchise News Podcast 1.25.2023

Franchise News Podcast 1.25.2023

The Franchise News Podcast with Jack Monson for January 25, 2023


In the news this week:

Tracy Panase
Shannon Wilburn
Patti Rother
Andrea Hohermuth
Danessa Itaya
Jennifer Callender
Thomas Welter
Scott Sutton
Brandy Blackwell
Cathy Skula
Pat O’Toole
Katie Pynnonen
Gina Tobin
Adam Herndon
John Cywinski
Julie Younglove-Webb
Jim Cannon
Chris Newman
Jessica Will
Elizabeth Sweeney
Martin Balcaitis
Jason Theisen
Mitchell Keyes
Suzanne Greco
Tray Doster
Michael Hyam

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