Facebook Franchise Podcast: What Meta Means for Franchises

Facebook Franchise Podcast: What Meta Means for Franchises

It’s #MetaMonday on the Facebook Franchise Podcast!

Podcast host Jack Monson joins Mike McDowell, Certified Facebook Ad Buyer & Business Manager at  Social Joey, to discuss Facebook’s move to Meta and what it means for Franchises. We go beyond just advertising opportunities and explore what it will mean to have your brand fully immersed in the Metaverse.

It’s time to have conversations now with your leadership team about investing in your team and keep everyone’s minds open about digitizing and monetizing your brand’s assets. Feel free to share this podcast with your C-Suite!


And we’ll start the show with an invitation for you to attend the IFA’s Marketing Workshop on December 9th at 2pm ET. This virtual learning event is free for all IFA members to discuss Marketing trends and network with other Franchise industry pros. If you’re not an IFA member, drop us a DM for an invitation.




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