Franchise Spotlight: Eric Schechterman

Franchise Spotlight: Eric Schechterman

Is 2020 a good time to start a business? 

It’s Franchise Friday with Eric Schecterman, Chief Development Officer at Benetrends Financial.

Eric speaks very candidly about what it takes to start a business in the remainder of 2020. For those ready to roll, there are amazing opportunities to be had with customers, real estate deals, talent acquisition, and financing!

If you need some advice on funding for starting a business, please reach out to Eric at 267-638-9275.



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  1. I had no volume So I could not here

  2. Very informative and need to share with my sister partner for her to listen. We are very early in the process of the business. Phase 1 and we are partnered with IdeaPros. At some point we will need additional funding to make our prototype and get the sales campaign going amongst other costs. I have visited your site and will be in touch about what you can offer us before the September 27 deadline. Thanks again! God always places the right people in my life and I am trusting him on this.

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