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Christian Pillat, Managing Director, Adfinitely joined Deb Evans and Jack Monson on Social Geek Radio and shares digital marketing trends of today. They discuss PPC, how video should fit into most brands’ strategy and where is most paid advertising happening right now.

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Special thanks to Theresa Huszka, Senior Consultant MSA Worldwide for opening the podcast!

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Back by popular demand, Deb and Jack will share an app, website or geek tip of the week. 

Deb introduces Chatterbox for Periscope, a Google Chrome extension allowing broadcasters to archive chats and data from live polling.

Watch the demonstration below by Vincenzo Landino, a Periscope Influencer.

Chatterbox Brings Polls to PeriscopePolls on Periscope? Check out Chatterbox, a missing layer of audience engagement from livestreaming.

Posted by TVREV on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

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  1. Thank you so much, Deb and Jack, for having me on the show! Great discussion and I think we covered some really neat topics that can help brands get ahead in 2016. Like you said right at the beginning of the show when talking about Periscope, “You can’t be afraid with Social Media to try new things.” I think that applies to all Digital Marketing. Brands need to be willing to test everything. If it works, great! If not, move on and try the next thing but make sure you at least test it. If anyone has follow up questions, please contact me at

  2. You were a great guest and we totally agree about trying new things.

    After the broadcast, I tested something new with Periscope. Let’s say it didn’t work as planned but it was very entertaining and a learning experience.

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