Best SWAG in Franchising

Best SWAG in Franchising

I just registered for IFA 2020 in Orlando in February. Have you?  Sign up now for the International Franchise Association’s Annual Convention! And, what the heck, while you’re at it, join me at Franchise Update’s Multi-Unit Franchise Conference in Vegas, baby.

I always look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones at these great industry events! I also like to see this year’s promo items and giveaways from franchise industry suppliers. Here’s a look back at the Top 10 Best Swag Items of 2019:

10. FranConnect Adaptor. If you’re a road warrior and carry multiple devices, you must have at least one of these in your backpack. Thanks Keith Gerson and crew.



9. IFA Macarons by WOOPS! Nice work Deb Evans.

IFA WFN woops


8. Dog Tags for supporters of VetFran from our friend Jimmy Weeks at FrAnalytics Pro.

VetFran dogtags


7. Scorpion Pens. Every company has branded pens. But Jordan Wilson, Justin Mink, and crew must have known that my preferred pen is the Pentel X 0.7. Thanks guys! Now if only someone had a nice notebook in which use these pens…

Scorpion Franchise


6. PwC / FranSuite Notebooks. Ok, Brandon Davenport and Gabriella Ferrara, I’ll need exactly 12 of these for 2020, please.

PwC FranSuite


5. Intrepid Direct Insurance Bottle Opener. This is a serious bartender-grade bottle opener. Thanks Ed Fitzgerl and team.

Intrepid Direct


4. Social Joey Stickers. Because who doesn’t like a cute kangaroo or a shameless plug.

Social Joey


3. Social Geek Radio T-Shirts. Yep, another shameless plug. T-Shirts coming soon to the general population.

Social Geek Shirt


2. The Better Software Company Straws. These metal reusable straws are not only environmentally friendly, but also great for travel. They’re perfect for an airport Bloody Mary at ORD (or Caesar at YYZ with Paul Howard and Steve Cody).

Better Software Company


1. Springboard Wine Cups. Winner! Kudos Brad Fishman and Lane Fisher for putting together great events and reminding us every time we use these all year long.




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