The Angela Coté Podcast

The Franchise Growth Catalyst

by Angela Coté

Angela Cote

Hi, I’m Angela Coté.  The content of this podcast is intended to educate and inspire franchisors looking to grow (who isn’t??).  I share my insights from having helped grow the franchise company my family founded, M&M Food Market, to almost 500 locations.  What sets me apart is my F3 approach, which incorporates my:

*  Background on the FRANCHISOR side of the relationship

*  Time in the FIELD supporting franchisees

*  Perspective as a multi-unit FRANCHISEE (Get it, 3 F’s ?)

The content ranges from how to find franchisees to how to optimize support systems to foster a culture of performance and profitability in your franchisees.  Periodically I will invite select guests to join me and share real life stories and examples of the topics I am covering. 

Now crank up your speakers, hit the play button, and GO BE AWESOME!


Episode 5

Franchisors AND franchisees!  Did you know I am on a mission to clear the air on one of the biggest pain points for both franchisors and franchisees of both emerging AND established franchise companies?  There seems to be a lot of confusion about who is responsible for getting people “in the door” i.e. driving leads.  Listen in for my take on this topic, incorporating my perspective from my 18 years as a multi-unit franchisee and some things I learned along the way about marketing.

Episode 4

Howdy Folks,
One of the requests I get the most by franchisors is “Help me find more franchisees!”.  In this episode, I share the 4 steps you need to take RIGHT NOW if you are having trouble finding qualified franchisees.  Have a listen and let me know if you need any help with any of the steps.  In the meantime, GO BE AWESOME!


Episode 3

Today’s Guests: Candace and Dave Combs

Hey there – Angela Coté here!  And this is Episode #3 of the Franchise Growth Catalyst podcast!

I often find myself trying to explain to people the common challenges of franchising a business.  For this episode I couldn’t resist inviting a dynamic and authentic brother-sister duo, Candace and Dave Combs, to join me in sharing the challenges and myths they faced in the early stages of franchising their California based spa business.  For anyone thinking that franchising a business is pretty straightforward and something you just go do, this is a must-listen!


Episode 2

Today’s Guest: Dan Monaghan

Hey There!  Angela Coté here!  One of the things I’m MOST passionate about when it comes to franchising is getting franchisees more engaged and ultimately more profitable.  Why is this?  Because not only did I run around supporting franchisees in the field for 4 years at my family business in the late ’90’s, but I also WAS a franchisee for 18 years and I’ve lived through the ups and downs of profitability.  In this episode I share my insights about franchisee support and to give it some real umph, I brought in franchise superstar Dan Monaghan to share some of the things they do at his 6 franchise brands to foster a culture of franchisee performance and profitability.


Episode 1:

Go be awesome!

Hey There!  Angela Coté here!  Here we go with Episode #1 of The Franchise Growth Catalyst podcast.  In this first ever episode I share who the heck I am, what the heck I do, and why the heck this matters.  Find out about my passions in franchising and what kind of clients I work with.  Get ready for a few ums and imperfections, I’m all about keeping it real and unpolished, baby!


Angela Cote

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