6 Things to Do Now to Prepare for IFA Convention

6 Things to Do Now to Prepare for IFA Convention

I’ve updated my ongoing list of conference preparation items for this year’s International Franchise Association’s annual convention. Here are a few new tips to have a great show: 

1. Network before the show. Pick up the phone or send a message today and get on someone’s radar before you both arrive. Networking before the show can be as fun and productive as the networking at the show.

2. Pack your business cards. Far too often I hear people at conferences say, “Oh, I forgot cards.” Sure, everyone can connect via email, text, Facebook, or LinkedIn after they converse. But be memorable in the moment and hand the person with whom you’re networking a physical card.

3. Listen to Angela Cote. Always. On a recent Social Geek Radio episode, Franchise industry insider Angela Cote of Cultivate Advisors shared her top three networking hacks. Do not miss this valuable info from a master networker! 

Social Geek contributor Angela Cote shares her best
Networking Hacks here!

4. Plan your sessions and roundtables. There are so many speakers and panels that you want to hear that you should plan ahead to optimize your time. And be sure to include this one:  Monday 2/25 in the Marketing Summit, join me for a roundtable discussion about Facebook Ads!

5. Download the App. A good way to keep track of your schedule, track the exhibitors you need to see, and synch your calendar is by using the official IFA Meetings app. Note, this is different than the previous IFA events app. Go to the App store now and get the new version.

6. Pack comfortable shoes. The distance between your room and the convention center inside Mandalay Bay is approximately 2,000 light years.