2022 Marketing Tips with Kristen Pechacek

2022 Marketing Tips with Kristen Pechacek

Happy New Year, Geeks. And Welcome to SEASON 13 of Social Geek Radio!

Kristen Pechacek, Chief Growth Officer at MassageLuxe, is back to share her advice for getting your franchise brand in shape for the new year.

Kristen’s tips for early 2022 include:

* Get ready for third party cookies to (finally) go away

* Improve your CRM game and get your database ready

* Reserve some resources and time for experimenting with new forms of content, platforms, and social channels to reach new customers

* Set up franchisees to succeed with local videos, recruitment content, and community involvement

* And, most importantly: When you’re asking the franchisees to engage in marketing, make sure it’s as easy as ordering an Uber!


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